[On-demand Webinar] Ionic Metabolites: A Challenge for IC-MS?


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DetlefJensen_Web.pngDr Detlef Jensen (European Sales Support Manager Ion Chromatography, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

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In this on-demand webinar we present the practical considerations of coupling an IC with an MS, how this could be easily achieved and the advantages offered for the analysis of ionic metabolites.

Typically, studies of metabolites are performed using LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR instrumentation to determine metabolomic pathways. What if you are interested in metabolites of an ionic nature? In terms of separation, these can be achieved somewhat using reverse-phase HPLC with ion-pairing reagents or some may be suitable for separation with HILIC column technology. However, either the ion-pairing agent interferes with the MS or the chromatographic resolution is not sufficiently good. Therefore, it seems an obvious approach to use ion chromatography (IC), a technique dedicated to the separation of ionic compounds, which can be subsequently coupled to a mass spectrometer. But there is one particular challenge to overcome - the eluents in the IC usually contain non-volatile salts or acids, which can make the connection to MS considerably more difficult.

By viewing this on-demand presentation you will learn...

  • the important practical factors to consider when coupling an IC with an MS
  • the challenges of doing this type of analysis and how to best overcome them
  • about innovations in ion chromatography and how these offer advantages to the analysis of ionic metabolites over other chromatographic techniques