Make Productivity Happen – GC System Optimization


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VanessaAbercrombie.pngVanessa Abercrombie (GC Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies, USA)

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In GC, there are such vast number of supplies and parts that can be used in combination that we often default to familiar choices that run ‘just fine’, and never try anything new. But how do you know you are using the optimal combination and if your GC is operating at its peak performance? Just like a road bike is perilous on a mountainous terrain and a mountain bike is sluggish on asphalt roads, your GC configuration may be unsuitable for the conditions it is running on. This webinar will provide you with tips for finding out if you are using the right parts for the right job, how to troubleshoot this using the ADM Flowmeter and how to easily transfer your methods from standard columns to Agilent’s high efficiency columns when you need to reduce analysis time.

By attending this webinar you will learn...

  • How to know if you are using the best columns and supplies
  • How to detect when the wrong parts are being used through troubleshooting
  • How to improve the efficiency of your analysis

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