Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis:
Biopharmaceutical - Innovators and Biosimilars



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Duration: Approximately 35 minutes

AndrasGuttman.pngAndrás Guttman directs the Horváth Csaba Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences in Hungary and leads the application efforts in SCIEX in California. His work is focused on capillary electrophoresis and CESI-MS based glycomics and glycoproteomics analysis of biopharmaceutical, biomedical and cell biology interests. 

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If you're looking to speed up your glycan analysis, you'll want to view this presentation. A fast glycan labeling and analysis technology has been developed for N-linked oligosaccharide profiling of glycoproteins along with a gel-buffer system to ensure rapid and high-resolution separation of the target molecules.

This presentation will discuss the importance of glycan analysis of biotherapeutics, how capillary electrophoresis has been established as a routine analytical platform, and introduce an award-winning fast glycan labeling and analysis technology. Features such as fast automated sample preparation, fast separation times, simplicity of analysis and fully automated data analysis and glycan identification will be covered.

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  • how to run glycan samples up to 5x faster than HILIC
  • 90-minute sample prep
  • how to separate and identify N-glycans in 5 minutes

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