Accurate Mass Spectra Worth Reading for Food and Environmental Analysis

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Duration: Approximately 55 minutes

Atsushi Yamamoto
(Tottori University of Environmental Studies, Japan)
Atsushi YamamotoAtsushi has much experience in examination of atmospheric ionization and fragmentation in mass spectrometry, including experience as a trainer of mass spectrometry workshops sponsored by the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan. His research interests lie in food and environment analysis. Atsushi received a Ph.D. from Kansai University.



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Current advances in mass spectrometry offer high-resolution solutions to various application areas including food and environmental science. These solutions include new research methods such as 'suspect screening' and 'non-target screening'. There might be undiscovered risk substances that slip through current efforts in public control of chemicals.

Suspect screening requires prior knowledge of the target chemicals, for example, molecular formulas, specific functional groups, and structures of precursor molecules. In contrast, non-target screening identifies molecules detected in mass spectrometry by interpretation of mass spectrum without prior knowledge on substances.

In this presentation, fundamentals of high-resolution mass spectral interpretation are provided, together with some practical examples in food and environmental analysis. The mass spectrum includes much information including fragmentation, exact mass, neutral loss, adduct ion formation, and isotopic pattern. A mass spectrum often looks complex, but by understanding the basics of interpretation it is often possible to deduce structures.

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  • discover novel approaches to food and environmental analysis for the detection of analytes in non-targeted screening workflows.


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