Ask the Experts: Carrier Gas Selection in Gas Chromatography

Separation Science, in collaboration with
Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers the third instalment of its 'Instrument Selection Discussion Series' where Laboratory Professionals gain knowledge on the choices of instrument available and which is most recommended for specific applications. In the final on-demand edition, we look at considerations around the choice of carrier gas in gas chromatography.

Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes



Event Overview

The helium supply chain crisis has negative implications on research and laboratory operations worldwide. Helium rationing, delayed deliveries and price increases still cause difficulty in production planning and uncertainty in instrument productive uptime. This affects laboratory productivity and this expert discussion shares insights on optimum use and the selection of carrier gas.

By watching this expert discussion you will learn about:

  • carrier gas choices for GC
  • benefits and limitations of using hydrogen versus helium
  • benefits of gas generators versus other gas sources
  • what is involved in converting from helium to hydrogen in the laboratory
  • user benefits that can be realized, particularly with respect to cost savings, using new GC instruments
  • innovative solutions that can be expected in GC in the future

The expert panellists are:

DCavagnino_200Daniela Cavagnino (Global Product Marketing Manager GC and Autosamplers, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Dr. Daniela Cavagnino received a Master Degree in Chemistry at the University of Milan, Italy. She started her career in gas chromatography at Thermo Fisher Scientific spending several years in the R&D laboratories working on GC technology innovation and has more than 15 years’ experience in promoting GC/GCMS technology and applications in several different market segments.

IanParry_200Ian Parry (Global Product Manager, Gas Chromatography, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Mr. Ian Parry received a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Science at the University of South Wales, UK. He started his career in Gas Chromatography as a Forensic Scientist spending several years in laboratories working on criminal cases before moving into various GC roles such as Product Specialist, Business Manager and Product Manager, now having 14 years’ experience in working with GC/GCMS technology and applications in multiple market segments.

EdConnor_200Ed Connor (Product Manager, PEAK Scientific)
Ed has been working on a number of collaborative projects with PEAK customers and the major instrument manufacturers worldwide. The main focus of these collaborations has been to look at conversion from helium to hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas for GC applications, but he has also worked on ELSD nitrogen gas solutions and nitrogen generators for LC-MS instruments. Prior to joining PEAK, Ed completed his Dr.Sc. at ETH Zurich in 2007 using GC-MS to look at herbivore induced plant volatiles and their interaction with beneficial insects. He then joined the University of Zurich where his work focused primarily on floral volatile analysis using a variety of volatile collection methods, GC-MS and GC-FID.


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