Fatty Acid Esters in Infant Formula - Determination of 2-MCPD and 3-MCPD Using an Agilent 8890 GC System with an Agilent 5977B GC/MSD

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an on-demand webinar providing a total solution for determining the fatty acid esters of 2-MCPD and 3-MCPD in infant formula.

Duration: 35 minutes

youjuan_80Youjuan Zhang 
(Applications Chemist, Gas Phase Separation Division, Agilent

Youjuan joined Agilent in 2013 as an education engineer and she has focused on providing superior service and training to customers. She joined the GPSD marketing group as an applications chemist in 2017 and her responsibilities include supporting NPIs and developing applications with Agilent GC/GCMS products.



Presentation Overview

This presentation delivers a reliable analytical method for determining the fatty acid esters of 2-MCPD and 3-MCPD in infant formula. Two different derivatization reagents, heptafluorobutyrylimidazole (HFBI) and phenylboronic acid (PBA), were evaluated for sample preparation. An Agilent 8890 GC system coupled with an Agilent 5977B MSD was used for qualitative and quantitative analyses. Results demonstrated the benefits of the workflow solution for the analysis of monochloropropanediols in infant formula. Great peak shape and resolution were obtained. Satisfactory recoveries were achieved.

By watching this presentation you will learn: 

  • A total solution for the simultaneous determination of 2-MCPD and 3-MCPD fatty acid esters in infant formula
  • Two reliable and robust workflows using different derivatization reagents for sample preparation
  • How to achieve excellent instrument performance.

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