GC×GC-FID/TOF MS for the Optimization of Novel Catalytic Strategies to Improve Fuel Streams with High Aromatic Content

Separation Science, in collaboration with SepSolve Analytical offers an on-demand webinar covering how GC×GC-TOFMS/FID can be used to improve fuel stream features to gain better ignition properties and minimize particulate emissions.

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

MirenPena-Abaurrea Miren Pena-Abaurrea  
(Cepsa Research Center)
Dr Miren Pena-Abaurrea is currently developing her research activity as team leader of the Chromatography Lab at Cepsa Research Center (Madrid, Spain).



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In this presentation a dearomatization process is described, whereby fuel streams in which aromatics and alkyl compounds are present, are subjected to ring-opening processes in order to improve the fuel stream features looking at gaining better ignition properties as much as minimizing the particulate emissions.

There is a need to monitor the entire process to ensure the desired reaction has occurred – this involves complex samples containing many chemical classes, such as mono-aromatics, trace polyaromatics (reactives), as well as the product naphthenes and paraffins. Here, GC×GC coupled with parallel detection by TOF MS/FID is shown to provide confident identification and robust quantitation at each stage of the process.

By viewing this presentation you will ...

  • learn the value of GC×GC with parallel detection by TOF MS and FID
  • see how GC×GC offers the unique possibilities for detailed petrochemical fingerprinting
  • learn how cutting-edge analytical techniques can reveal hidden information from complex samples.

Who should view?

  • GC users who want to enhance their ability to analyse complex petrochemical samples
  • GC analysts who want to find out more about GC×GC
  • GC×GC practitioners wanting to further their knowledge on recent advances in applications, hardware and software

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