Getting your LC/GC Lab Up and Running Again

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an on-demand webinar describing how to get your LC and GC instruments back up and running quickly and safely.

Format: On-demand

Duration: Approx. 1 hour

Paul Altiero 
(Application Chemist, Agilent
Paul is an Applications Chemist located at the Agilent Little Falls site in Wilmington, DE. Prior to coming to Agilent in 2009, Paul worked in the pharmaceutical industry performing LCMS bioanalysis supporting Drug Discovery DMPK. During his time at Agilent, Paul has been a field service engineer for LCMS as well as the integrating program manager for the RapidFire high throughput LCMS system. In his role as a CSD Applications Chemist, Paul’s responsibilities include technical support and applications assistance for LC and LCMS consumables.

Mark Sinnott
(Technical Support Engineer, Agilent)
Mark works for Agilent as a Technical Support Engineer in the Consumables and Supplies Division (CSD) at the capillary column manufacturing facility (the “J&W Scientific” location). In his position at Agilent, Mark performs technical support and applications assistance to gas chromatographers worldwide. He has more than 25 years of experience in gas chromatography. Mark holds a master’s degree in Chemistry from California State University, Sacramento, and currently resides near Sacramento.




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Regardless of why your lab may have been shut down, you need to get your LC and GC instruments back up and running quickly and safely. This presentation covers the information you need to get back to your important research including restart procedures, helpful service, items, support topics, and discussions on improving operational efficiency and capacity.

The presentation is broken into two parts – the first for LC instruments and the second for GC instruments.

While some of this information describes Agilent instrumentation, these tips and tricks can be applied to other instruments as well.

By viewing this presentation you will learn...

  • How to approach some common problems you may encounter when coming back to the lab
  • Steps needed to get your LC or GC back online - regardless of the shutdown circumstances
  • Typical troubleshooting tips for both LCs and GCs


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