Separation Science, in collaboration with
Agilent, offers an on-demand expert presentation and discussion event in which experts discuss their approaches to the challenges of glycosylation analysis, focused on biotherapeutics and biomarkers.

Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes

Presenters & Panellists:

ArnaudDelobel_200Arnaud Delobel
R&D and Innovation Director, Quality Assistance S.A.


GordanLauc_200Gordan Lauc
Founder and CEO of Genos & CSO at GlycanAge


MichaelButler_200Michael Butler
Principal Investigator in Cell Technology at NIBRT


JamesDuffy_200James Duffy
Assay Development Manager - MS, LabCorp



MikeClaybourn_200Mike Claybourn
Independent Pharmaceutical Consultant







Event Overview

Glycosylation – the addition of sugar molecules to proteins – is a post-translational modification that can profoundly influence protein structure and function. Historically, glycan analysis (or glycomics) has lagged behind genomics and proteomics in terms of prominence and technology development. This is beginning to change as a growing audience becomes aware of the criticality of protein glycosylation. With this change, biopharmaceutical researchers who understand robust and reproducible ways to analyze glycosylation in their samples can increase confidence in their results, and potentially reduce costly efforts later in the development cycle.

In this event we bring together industry leaders who present their approaches to the challenges of glycosylation analysis, focused on biotherapeutics and biomarkers. This includes an introductory scene-setting presentation followed by an expert discussion with participants providing their insights into current trends in glycan analysis, key analytical challenges facing the industry, and future directions in the field.

By watching this educational event you will:

  • hear from leading scientists on current approaches to N-glycan and sialic acid analysis
  • learn about current methods for glycan analysis of biotherapeutics by liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry (LC/MS)
  • understand the challenges facing biopharmaceutical scientists in terms of both analytical quality and regulatory issues
  • hear about some of the unmet needs and what is required to move this key field forwards



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