How to Easily Analyse Petrochemical Samples by ICP-OES

Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers an on-demand webinar that discusses analysing petrochemical samples by ICP-OES. This webinar will broadcast twice...

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Matthew Cassap
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
In 2006 Matthew joined Thermo Fisher Scientific as an applications specialist. In this role he become an expert in trace element analysis applications across a broad range of industry segments using a range of liquid/solid sampling accessories and hyphenated techniques. In 2012 Matthew assumed responsibility for the Thermo Scientific ICP-OES product line and is based at the manufacturing facility in Cambridge, UK. From 2014 to 2017 Matthew was based at the Thermo Scientific center of excellence in Bremen Germany as Product manager for AA and ICP-OES. In 2018 Matthew relocated back to the UK and is now the TEA product marketing specialist.



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Petrochemical samples present a number of different challenges when analyzing for trace elements by ICP-OES, these include the stable introduction of the sample in to the plasma, the complex matrix and potential interferences. This webinar describes these challenges and how to easily overcome them, by the development of robust methods that produce excellent results.

By viewing this presentation you will...

  • Learn how simple optimization of the sample induction can aid analysis
  • Learn which method parameters will have the greatest impact on the your results
  • Understand how software can aid method development and help meet standard methods such as those prescribed by ASTM

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