Intelligent GC Systems: Remote Operations and the Future of GC

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an on-demand webinar that discusses the progression of smart GC features and the many benefits provided from the first GC systems to those of today.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes


George Reiner
GC Software Product Manager, Agilent
George Reiner is Agilent’s GC Software Product Manager. Since joining Agilent, George seeks and represents the voice of the customer in all aspects of GC-related software - Agilent CDS systems, add-ons and plug-ins like MatchCompare and Retention Time Locking, as well as customer-related needs on new GC user interfaces.

Jason Ashe
GC Product Manager, Agilent
Jason Ashe joined Agilent in 2013 with over 20 years of analytical experience and is currently a product manager in the PLAZ marketing group. Jason received his MBA with a focus in organizational leadership from Post University in 2010. Early in his career, he held Chemist and Lab Manager positions at Environmental Waste Resources and EAS Analytical Laboratories, respectively.



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Throughout the last 50+ years, gas chromatography has come a long, way. Not only are GCs of today faster, easier and more efficient – they’re smarter, almost intuitive, which makes your life, in the lab (and when not in the lab) easier and more efficient.

Not too long ago, your GC was connected to a PC and you had to go through the PC to communicate with the GC – like going through the long-distance operator to place an overseas call. Today, you can connect to and communicate with the smart GC at any time from almost anywhere (anywhere your laboratory network will allow). This direct connection gives you many more options and opportunities to interact with the instrument, access information, status, and perform diagnostics directly from the instrument itself.

With smart GC systems you can start a sample run before you leave for the day, check on the status once you get home, last check in before bed so you can be sure the run is complete and the data is ready and waiting for you when you get in the next morning. This lets you hit the ground running rather than finding out upon your arrival at the lab, that something happened overnight, and you have to start the run over again.

In addition, Smart Alerts can help keep track of consumable usage, which can often foil a well-designed experiment. Smart Alerts provides reminders for when to change consumables and leverages the application knowledge base. When it’s time to replace a consumable the help screens and diagnostic functions enable quick and efficient maintenance and eliminate the guess work.

And the best part is that these smart GC systems keep getting smarter. A simple firmware update delivers the most recent updates to your GC system to provide the up-to-the-minute intelligent features – keeping you and your lab current and ready for changes in testing requirements, higher sensitivity levels or new features. The ability to stay current keeps you and your lab one step ahead of the competition. So whether you work in Food or Pharma, Environmental or Energy, a smart GC system lets you spend more time on what matters.

What does it cover?

  • The real time, cost and frustration saving benefits of the smart GC systems
  • How to increase productivity and reduce unplanned downtime by working smarter
  • The entire line of smart consumables that provide an additional level of intelligence to your system and your processes
  • How a simple firmware update provides the next level of intelligent features, letting your instrument get smarter to better prepare you for future testing needs.

By viewing this webinar you will learn how:

  • Connecting remotely to your GC will allow you to ensure samples are running when you are not there
  • Troubleshooting instruments away from the lab will allow you to support multiple GCs from a central location
  • System intelligence ensures that you are always running with a GC that is in top performance
  • New operators can run GC systems like experts, experts are free to perform other tasks in the lab or remotely support multiple GCs

Why should you view the presentation?

To see how replacing your older GC systems help increase productivity, reduce unplanned downtime, educate less experienced staff, eliminate guesswork and not require you to work overtime to get it all done. Intelligent GC systems track everything for you, letting you spend your valuable time finding new and delighting current customers rather than tracking injections and finding leaks. With GC systems that get smarter with every firmware update, you can rest assured that you and your lab are ready to take on future challenges. Being ready helps you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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