Introducing Agilent’s CrossLab CS Electronic Leak Detector and ADM Flow Meter:
Two GC Diagnostic Tools, One Convenient Package

Separation Science, in collaboration with
Agilent, offers a presentation that introduces the CrossLab CS Electronic Leak Detector and ADM Flow Meter.

Format: On-demand

Duration: 35 minutes


PaulTripp_200Paul Tripp
Global Product Manager, GC & MS Supplies, Agilent
Paul collaborates with internal & external stakeholders to update existing and develop new technologies for improving system performance for analyses across the market segments served by Agilent.

AngieSmithHenry_200Angela Smith-Henry
Applications Chemist for GC and MS Supplies, Agilent
Angie is an applications chemist for GC and MS Supplies at Agilent Technologies in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Previously, she was an Applications Chemist for the MSD Solutions and Applications group with a focus on developing analyzers and applications for energy, chemical and environmental markets.





Event Overview

Leak detectors are an important part of any facility that produces or uses gases. Laboratories that use expensive high purity or hazardous gases for operation of analytical techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, or mass spectrometry routinely use leak detectors to monitor gases.

Leaks are problematic for any operation that uses gas tubing and fittings. Even small gas leaks can lead to safety issues, reduced productivity, and increased costs.

Better understand the cost of leaks:

  • Cost of Gases
  • Contamination from Exposure
  • Reduced Consumable Lifetime
  • Reduced Productivity from downtime
  • Detector Noise and Elevated Baselines
  • Time in Troubleshooting

Here the presenters introduce the CrossLab CS Electronic Leak Detector and ADM Flow Meter — two GC diagnostic tools in one cost-effective, convenient package.

By viewing the presentation you will learn about:

  • the new innovative Agilent CrossLab CS or Cartridge System
  • how the cartridge design combines the two most critical GC flow path monitoring tasks into a single hand-held system
  • a new handheld leak detector that is key for maintaining performance of analytical equipment

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