Ionic Liquid GC Phases - Valuable Assets in the GC Toolbox:
An Overview on Recent Developments

Separation Science, in collaboration with the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, offers an on-demand webinar providing a look back on some of the past developments and key applications with ionic liquid stationary phases, while also updating on current studies.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Len Sidisky  
(Senior R&D Manager Gas Separations, MilliporeSigma, Bellefonte,PA USA )
Len is the Research & Development Manager for Gas Separations at MilliporeSigma (formerly Supelco, Division of Sigma-Aldrich.) His research interests are in the development of gas chromatographic products for a wide range of industrial applications, capillary columns for lipid sample analyses, theory and practical application of capillary gas chromatography and solid phase micro extraction (SPME) product development and applications. He has presented and published numerous papers and seminars worldwide.



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Ionic liquid (IL) capillary columns were first introduced as commercial products around ten years ago. Over the years there have been numerous studies on these unique combinations of cations and anions that provide insights into the selectivity and stability of these interesting stationary phases.

These phases have been demonstrated to provide very unique selectivities and application options, such as water determination by GC (Watercol™ columns), compared with traditional highly polar polysiloxane- or polyethylene glycol-based phases. Their selectivity is made possible because of the various combinations of cations, anions, and spacer groups used to prepare these germinal dicationic phases. Columns prepared with di- or tricationic phases and newer phases that contain a PEG or branched alkyl linkage chain have the ability to perform many of the same applications as columns made with traditional stationary phases of similar polarity, but with slight elution order changes. This results often in increased resolution and/or shorter run times.

We are continuing the work on new ionic liquids stationary phases and new applications with them. This presentation will provide a look back on some of the past developments and key applications with ionic liquid stationary phases while also updating on current studies.

By viewing this presentation you will gain...

  • increased knowledge about GC stationary phases
  • an understanding of the unique selectivity IL stationary phases provide
  • an overview on key applications that can be aided by IL phases

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