Leveraging Integration: The Advantages of using a LIMS with your CDS

Separation Science, in collaboration with
Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers an on-demand webinar in which the benefits of connecting your laboratory information management system and your chromatography data system are outlined.

Duration: Approximately 35 minutes

Katie Evans Headshot 100Katie Evans
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Katie Evans is a Senior Product Manager for the Digital Science business at Thermo Fisher Scientific and is located in Altrincham, in the Manchester area of the UK. During her 22 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Katie has focused on product management and strategy development of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) software with an emphasis on the needs of laboratories serving regulated markets. Katie received her Master of Science degree from Exeter University, UK.







Presentation Overview

Laboratories work to integrate their systems, processes, instruments, and people for a seamless execution. As a key component for a laboratory’s success, integration needs to be implemented every step of the way. However, the reality is, that many laboratories struggle with how to implement integration in a way that brings value to their organization and fully supports their business needs.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) are both foundational to a laboratory’s ecosystem. Both systems provide value to deliver efficiency, assurance, and compliance. The advantages to connecting these two systems are endless and provide great value to a laboratory’s processes and ultimate business goals. Disconnection of laboratory systems, and the lack of integration among the other elements of the lab, cause critical issues that need to be resolved. Demonstrating compliance, assuring that scientists and analysts have access to the relevant data, and accuracy of results are the main areas that connecting your CDS and LIMS system can help to alleviate.

By watching this presentation you will learn:

  • the advantages of connecting your Laboratory Information Management System (SampleManager LIMS software) and your Chromatography Data System (Chromeleon CDS)
  • how the integration between the two can streamline workflows and enhance efficiency in your lab.

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