The Value of Reliable Data: Leveraging LIMS Software to Support Compliance in your Food & Beverage Laboratory


Separation Science, in collaboration with
Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers an on-demand presentation describing how LIMS software can enhance laboratory processes in the food and beverage industry, focusing on reliable data.

Duration: 40 minutes

EugeneGalperinWebEugene Galperin
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Eugene is a Solutions Manager for the Digital Science division at Thermo Fisher Scientific. In his current role, Eugene is responsible for the development of the Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ software solutions.







Presentation Overview

Food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers must rely on laboratory software and advanced technology to obtain reliable results in food safety, especially as laboratory standards advance and supply chains become more complex. Laboratories are focused on monitoring food safety throughout the entire workflow, ensuring quality and regulatory standards are met and that accurate data can be relied on. Food safety requires extensive scheduled testing of facilities to monitor for the presence of potential contamination, the identification of critical control points for the testing processes, and the adherence to changing industry regulations. Leveraging software that prioritizes ISO 17025 standards and supports access to high quality data will increase productivity and compliance in food safety laboratories.

Watch this presentation to learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific’s SampleManager LIMS software can enhance laboratory processes in the F&B industry, focusing on reliable data.

By watching the presentation you will learn:

  • How to adhere to the latest FDA mandates and regulatory guidelines
  • How innovative software solutions can ease compliance
  • How to leverage SampleManager LIMS software to manage environmental monitoring, food safety testing, and reporting


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