Modern Trends, Methods & Applications in Sample Preparation



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Separation Science, in collaboration with Biotage, has developed a multi-speaker eSeminar covering trends, methods and applications of sample preparation techniques.

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15 Years Into QuEChERS
SteveLehotaypresented by Steven J. Lehotay (USDA Agricultural Research Service)
This presentation by one of the “fathers” of QuEChERS will help those who want not just to simplify their sample preparation methods, but also to ease choosing options in QuEChERS.

Recent Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Based Methods for Sample Preparation
AntonioMartinEstebanpresented by Antonio Martín-Esteban (Department of Environment, INIA, Madrid)
In this presentation, the basic concepts on the synthesis and use of MIPs in sample preparation will be described.

Electromembrane Extraction
stigpepresented by Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard (School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo)
In this presentation you will learn the working principle of electromembrane extraction (EME), the technique's pros and cons, and the secrets of selecting operational parameters.

Solid Phase Extraction Strategies for Oral Fluid Analysis
DanMenascopresented by Dan Menasco (Applications Chemist, Biotage)
In this presentation we describe the relationship between 85 DOA’s and their subsequent response to the recovery and matrix effects of a widely used collection device.

Cloud-based Software for Automating Sample Preparation
MarkusGershaterpresented by Markus Gershater (Chief Scientific Officer, Synthace)
Integration of laboratory equipment and rapid automation, particularly in how it relates to sample preparation for analytics, will be discussed.

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