New ICP-OES Sample Introduction Components to Enhance Analysis of Challenging Samples

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an on-demand webinar describing how new sample introduction components can enhance ICP-OES analysis.

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

EricVanclayWebEric Vanclay
(Agilent, Melbourne, Australia)
Eric is the Spectroscopy Supplies Product Marketing Manager for Agilent, with responsibility for field sales support, customer support, product development and marketing of the spectroscopy supplies. He has over 30 years' experience with all of the atomic spectroscopy techniques. He is based at Agilent’s Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

LindseyWitecottonWebLindsey Whitecotton
(Agilent, Delaware, USA)
Lindsey joined Agilent in 2014 as an ICP-MS and ICP-OES Applications Chemist and is now the ICP-OES Supplies Product Manager. She has 11 years of experience in atomic spectroscopy and is based at Agilent’s Wilmington, Delaware facility in the USA.



Presentation Overview

View this ICP-OES focused on-demand webinar to learn about new sample introduction components that can enhance analysis of challenging oil and organic solvents with improved productivity, better performance, and simpler maintenance routines.

We focus on analyses of different oil samples, including used lubricating oils and hydraulic oil samples measured to the ASTM D5185-18 standard method, plus crude oils measured to the ASTM D5708-15(2020) standard method. We also highlight how other AI based software tools can provide real-time warning of unpredictable events such as nebulizer leaks and blockages. These tools enable the analyst to stop the analysis and correct the issue, rather than continue with collection of potentially erroneous data. In addition, the presentation highlights how these new components can benefit ICP-OES users who are running other applications and wanting to benefit with flexibility in sample handling and easier maintenance.

This presentation is recommended for any analyst or lab manager looking to improve analytical performance, reduce sample remeasurement and simplify maintenance, with their ICP-OES analyses.

By viewing this webinar you will learn how: 

  • New sample introduction components for ICP-OES can improve productivity and performance, and provide you with simpler maintenance routines
  • You can achieve stable, long-term performance with good precision and no carbon build-up on the injector when measuring used lubricating and hydraulic oil samples, or even crude oils measured to the ASTM D5185-18 or ASTM D5708-15(2020) standard methods
  • AI-based software tools can provide real-time warning of unpredictable events such as nebulizer leaks and blockage so you can avoid problems before they occur
  • How these new components can benefit other ICP-OES users with flexibility in sample handling and easier maintenance.

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