NPS Screening and Identification: Nominal and Accurate Mass Approaches for Ultimate Success

Separation Science, in collaboration with SCIEX presents a webinar outlining how nominal mass and accurate mass instruments can be used for the effective screening, identification, and quantification of novel psychoactive substances.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

PierreNegri_80_v2Pierre Negri (Global Technical Marketing Lead, Forensics at SCIEX)
Pierre works with global key opinion leaders in criminal and forensic toxicology research areas to develop and implement new mass spectrometry methods, and address customer and market needs. One of the primary focuses of his role is to identify emerging forensic trends and develop technical marketing content to promote the use of SCIEX instruments and software solutions to address the needs of the forensic market.





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In this webinar, the presenter discusses how nominal mass and accurate mass instruments can be used in forensic toxicology workflows as two different yet complementary approaches for screening and identifying novel psychoactive substances (NPS). He presents the two different LC-MS/MS platforms and how they are used strategically for the detection and identification of NPS with a high level of sensitivity and specificity.

Many of these designer drugs have been responsible for an increasing number of acute intoxications that often result in accidental, often fatal overdoses. The continual introduction of these illicit drugs on the recreational drug market has created a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies and health professionals as these novel substances have yet to be fully characterized and, therefore, cannot be fully analysed using traditional screening approaches. Accurate mass instrumentation provides the ideal platform to enable full characterization of these novel substances from unknown samples. The depth of information extracted from high resolution instrumentation can then be used for full identification and the developed method can be easily transferred to a nominal mass platform for routine screening. The complementarity of these two approaches is enabling forensic toxicologists to rapidly implement strategies for the accurate identification and subsequent routine detection of these new substances in biological matrices.

By viewing this presentation you will discover:

  • Instrument features and workflows available to rapidly identify and detect these emerging substances with confidence
  • Best approaches to NPS screening with nominal mass
  • Best approaches to NPS screening with accurate mass
  • Advantages of combining both nominal and accurate approaches to screening, identification, and quantification of NPS.

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