Rapid Identification of Explosives and Contraband Vapours for
Cargo Screening

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Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Dr Carl Fletcher (Head of Scientific R&D, Mass Spec Analytical Ltd, UK)



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Trace detection equipment can be used in both the lab and in the field to detect explosives and other substances of forensic interest. To allow for rapid analyses, we utilise thermal desorption APCI resulting in high performance and low limits of detection.

In this presentation, we show how the Thermal Extraction Ion Source (TEIS) coupled with a SCIEX Mass Spectrometer delivers rapid identification with the required sensitivity and specificity demanded by security and forensic organizations.   

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  • Gain an understanding of how explosives and contraband vapour traces can be extracted and accurately detected in seconds without sample preparation.
  • See how explosives and contraband vapours can be analysed in a non-chromatographic workflow.
  • Discover how this single approach can be applied to particulate, swabbed and vapour samples.
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