Screening for Extractables and Leachables:
QTOF, SWATH® Acquisition and Spectral Libraries

Separation Science, in collaboration with SCIEX presents an upcoming webinar demonstrating the value of QTOF technology, data independent acquisition, and customisable spectral libraries for screening extractables and leachables.

Date: 13 October, 2020

Start Times:
Broadcast 1: 10.30am EDT (New York) / 3.30pm BST (London) / 4.30pm CEST (Paris)

Broadcast 2: 12pm PDT (Los Angeles) / 2pm CDT (Chicago) / 3pm EDT (New York)

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

KC Hyland (Global Technical Marketing, Food & Enviro. Applications, SCIEX)
Dr Hyland is primarily responsible for development of new LC-MS methods using the SCIEX Triple Quadrupole, QTRAP® and QTOF LC-MS/MS technology for the Food and Environmental testing markets, and the communication of these methods to the SCIEX global applications team and SCIEX customers worldwide. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and enjoys that her global role allows her to interact with scientists, researchers, and laboratories all over the world.





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"Extractables and leachables" is a common label for contaminants originating from food or medical packaging. Understanding the risks these contaminants may pose relies on the ability to detect and quantify them. A prerequisite however, is the need to characterize the relevant chemicals.

This webinar will demonstrate how utilizing QTOF technology, data independent acquisition, and customisable spectral libraries, allows for a deep dive into screening extractables and leachables.

The talk will also cover background information on food packaging materials and regulations, followed by a description of method details and presentation of example data. The key takeaways will include method details and the role method parameters play into analytical success.

Those interested in the analytical methodology aspects of extractables and leachables should attend.


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