Selectivity: When, Where, and How to Use It!

Selectivity: When, Where, and How to Use It!
DianeTurnerpresented by Dr. Diane Turner 
(Senior Consultant & Director, Anthias Consulting Ltd.
Consultant, The Open University
President-Elect, Analytical Division, RSC)

This presentation was given at the LECO GC×GC Workshop and Symposium at the LECO European Application and Training Centre Berlin.

Dr. Diane Turner is Senior Consultant & Director at Anthias Consulting Ltd., Consultant at The Open University and President-Elect of the Analytical Division at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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At LECO’S GC×GC Workshop & Symposium, Dr. Diane Turner gave a talk about "Selectivity: Where, When, and How to Use It!" The talk covers techniques for sample analysis, selectivity in choosing the right technical setup (column choice, inlet parameters etc.), and also data analysis optimisation.

The presented content is related to applications in the field of GC×GC technology.

By viewing this presentation you will learn more about:

  • insights in GC×GC and TOF technology
  • sample collection and preparation
  • analyte separation and detection
  • technical setup and data analysis
  • solutions for GCxGC technology.

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