Simplifying GC–MS sample preparation for product and
material testing

By watching this presentation you will:

  • Learn how to simplify the sampling and analysis of VOCs from products and materials.
  • Understand the benefits of micro-chamber/thermal extraction and thermal desorption-GC-MS.
  • Experience a series of case studies across various industries.

Event overview

The release of chemicals from products and materials has been at the centre of increased scrutiny from regulators, industry and consumers alike. Concerns over the effects of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) on human health, consumer comfort, and product performance are increasing.

Analysts need a robust and reproducible approach to sample these emissions from a wide variety of materials and products, for analysis by GC-MS, to answer such questions as: What’s that smell? Is my product safe? Is there anything toxic in my home/car? How can I detect a harmful chemical from a material?

This presentation addresses the use of an innovative, robust and cost-effective sampling device, the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor, combined with the powerful analytical capabilities of thermal desorption-gas chromatography mass spectrometry.

Several case studies are presented that highlight the implementation of this versatile sample preparation system covering:

  • PFAS testing
  • volatiles that effect indoor and in-vehicle air quality
  • identification of chemical weapons on clothing
  • determination of off gassing compounds that affect semiconductors

What you need to know:

Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 55 minutes

Who should watch it:

  • Those interested in or using GC, GC–MS
  • Application specialists
  • Contract laboratories
  • Academics
  • Industry scientists


CarolineWiddowson_200Caroline Widdowson
Marketing Development Manager - Thermal Desorption, Markes International
Caroline is the marketing development manager for thermal desorption at Markes International, having completed her chemistry degree at Cardiff University in 2004, followed by a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. As part of her current role, Caroline advises manufacturers, test laboratories, and research institutes on equipment needed to monitor indoor air and study chemical emissions from materials used indoors or in vehicle interiors. Caroline also participates in ASTM and CEN standards and regulatory committees relating to this area.

AaronDavies_200Aaron Davies
Commercial Marketing Manager - Thermal Desorption, Markes International
Aaron is the commercial marketing manager for thermal desorption at Markes International. After graduating from Cardiff and Monash Universities with a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Aaron has worked in industry as a Process and Product Development Chemist, GC GCMS Product Specialist before finally focusing on his passion for Thermal Desorption. In his role, Aaron assists customers and partners on the effective use of thermal desorption for simplifying sample preparation and the benefits of using alternative carrier gases (such as hydrogen and nitrogen) to helium.


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