The Importance of Data Integrity in Achieving Pharma 4.0

Separation Science, in collaboration with
Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers an on-demand webinar that explores why organizations cannot continue to advance with only technology and must also understand the evolution of data integrity.

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

NicolaGardnerCirNicola Gardner
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
As marketing manager for the Digital Science business at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Nicola describes to customers how they can apply laboratory software to move towards a smarter lab and digitally transform their business. Nicola helps to drive discussion around technology adoption to inform businesses on their digital transformation journey and to enable scientists to spend more time focusing on science.







Presentation Overview

Organizations are often at different points on their digital transformation journey. Data integrity is a critical consideration which typically requires some element of digital transformation to achieve. Ensuring data is accurate, consistent and secure throughout all laboratory processes can increase efficiencies as well as productivity.

As technological advancements are made and the use of electronic data rises, it is imperative that organizations understand the value of data integrity and how to achieve it. A recent report by the National Academies discusses technical challenges and regulatory issues around innovations in pharmaceutical manufacturing and provides recommendations to the industry and related organizations on how to facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies.

Powerful data management is critical in a system that is reliant upon advanced process control and automation, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. A complete, integrated laboratory software system provides streamlined processes and drives data integrity to advance organizations toward a Pharma 4.0 strategy.

In this presentation, Nicola Gardner (Marketing Manager, Digital Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific) explores why organizations cannot continue to advance with only technology and must also understand the evolution of data integrity.

By watching this presentation you will learn:

  • Why manufacturing innovation is critical to maintaining a robust global supply chain
  • The importance of data integrity in achieving Pharma 4.0
  • How to overcome technical challenges to innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Digital transformation insights from a world leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO).


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