The Lean Way to Compliance in Titration  

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Duration: 45 minutes


Valeria Gärtner
Global Product Manager Titration, Mettler-Toledo
Valeria GärtnerValeria studied Chemistry at the University of Cologne and is a Global Product Manager for Titration at Mettler-Toledo. Valeria is a LabX Titration software specialist and deals frequently with compliance related questions from customers.

Christoph Jansen
Divisional Key Account Manager, Mettler-Toledo
Christoph JansenChristoph Jansen has a Ph.D. in chemistry and works for many years in the analytical instrument business. As a technical key account manager he focuses on support and consultancy of systematic laboratory improvements. "Lean Lab" and a number of topics around "Data Integrity" are his most discussed topics.  


Mettler Toledo



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Compliance and data integrity are important topics for labs in regulated environments. Understanding the compliance requirements, as well as finding the most suitable solution from instrument providers reduces the validation and maintenance effort in every lab. In this presentation you will learn about the compliance requirements for computerized titration systems.

By viewing this presentation you will gain:

  • an overview of the important regulations
  • a better understanding of compliance and data integrity requirements
  • best practice examples


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