The Use of a High Resolution Q-TOF in a Contract Laboratory
for Routine Pesticide Analysis in Food & Feed

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Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

WimBroer_WebWim Broer
(Manager, Science & Development, NofaLab, The Netherlands)
Wim has worked for more then 30 years in food and feed safety and environmental laboratories, wher he has developed methods for liquid and gas chromatography, GC-MS, LC-MS and ICP-MS.



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The common perception of a Q-TOF is that it is used more as a screening instrument rather than a routine instrument for quantitative targeted analysis of pesticides. However, as a scanning instrument the number of analytes in one run is only limited by the extraction and chromatography surrounding the compound of interest. As such, with a Q-TOF instrument it should be possible to reduce the amount of injections to two: one positive run and one negative run. This approach is much more efficient.

At Nofalab we took up the challenge of proving that the SCIEX X500-R Q-TOF is suitable for routine analysis of over 700 pesticides in one run with performance criteria meeting EU-regulations.

This presentation covers the instrument capabilities and the use of data analysis to create an efficient and robust method for the analysis of pesticides in food and feed commodities.  

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  • learn about the potential of a Q-TOF instrument as a solution for high-throughput quantitative pesticide analysis, with acceptance criteria to meet EU regulations.
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