The Importance of Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Chemical Hazards in Food & Beverages

Separation Science, in collaboration with Shimadzu,  offers an on-demand webinar that highlights the importance of ultra fast mass spectrometry for the analysis of chemical hazards in food and beverages. This is discussed in the context of the regulatory requirements for the analysis of contaminants in foods and a general overview of chemical hazards in foods. 

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes


PeterVarelis80Dr Peter Varelis
Applications Manager
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) 

Dr Peter Varelis has more than 20 years of research experience in both government and industry. He was also on an Elsevier editorial board (Food Chemistry and Analysis). His current research interest is the application of mass spectrometry to investigate organic compounds that have implications for human health and nutrition.


Shimadzu Excellence in science


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The increasing complexity of the food supply chain, the exponential growth of chemical hazards and their regulations have brought several challenges to the field of food safety. The need for productive gains and increased confidence in reporting non-compliant samples are particularly noteworthy challenges for laboratories that are routinely relied upon for maintaining a safe food supply chain. To meet these demands, mass spectrometric techniques such as tandem mass spectrometry and quadruple-time-of-flight mass spectrometry have emerged as the detectors of choice for the analysis of organic chemical hazards in foods and beverages.

One of the more recent significant developments is Shimadzu’s ultra fast family of mass spectrometric detectors that provide opportunities to increase both productivity and reporting confidence compared with more conventional mass spectrometric detectors. The importance of these state-of-the-art instruments to the analysis of chemical hazards in food will be discussed in the context of the regulatory requirements for the analysis of contaminants in foods and a general overview of chemical hazards in foods.

By viewing this webinar you will:

  • Understand the core challenges for food testing
  • Recognize the key elements that can accelerate and streamline your workflow and increase your data confidence
  • Learn and apply in various food safety analysis (e.g. multi-residual pesticides, veterinary drugs and mycotoxins).

Who should view it?

  • Scientists and lab personnel conducting food analysis
  • Lab managers in testing lab, regulatory agency and the food industry
  • Everyone who is keen to increase their lab productivity and data confidence for food and beverage analysis.

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