Valisure’s Identification of Benzene as a Pervasive Contaminant in the Consumer Products Industry

Separation Science, in collaboration with
Agilent and Valisure, offers a presentation that describes the identification of benzene in a variety of consumer products and how Valisure provides independent quality assurance throughout the supply chain.

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Event Overview

In late 2020, Valisure expanded its testing capabilities to include analysis for benzene and has since announced its detections of the carcinogen in multiple consumer products, including hand sanitizers, sunscreens, and body sprays, prompting several global recalls.

Valisure increasingly works directly with major stakeholders in healthcare, including purchasers and manufacturers of drug and consumer healthcare products, to infuse independent quality assurance throughout the supply chain.

By viewing the presentation you will:

  • Learn about the analysis of benzene in a variety of consumer products including hand sanitizers, sunscreens and body sprays.
  • Understand the current regulatory environment regarding benzene and actions taken by industry.
  • Discover strategies for incorporating independent analysis and adding resilience to supply chains.


Kaury_Kucera_Circle-1Kaury Kucera
Chief Scientific Officer, Valisure
Dr. Kaury Kucera is a pharmaceutical biochemist with degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from the University of Chicago and Yale University. 
Prior to joining Valisure, Dr. Kucera led a large-scale and multi-year effort by Yale University aimed at discovering new organic compounds from the Amazon rainforest; in that context, Dr. Kucera oversaw the development of hundreds of unique assays.

David_Light_Circle_v3David Light
Chief Executive Officer, Valisure
David Light is a biotech entrepreneur and scientist with over 15 years of broad experience in the field. A graduate of Yale University, David studied molecular biology and has worked in various scientific and business roles at start-ups like Synthetic Genomics, Ion Torrent, and Valisure.
As Founder and CEO of Valisure, an independent laboratory and Partner For Quality that checks and certifies the chemical composition of medications and healthcare products before they reach consumers, David helped fund and invent the core technology and led its entry and impact into the market.

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