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Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent Technologies, has created a valuable learning series of on-demand presentations covering methods and applications for pesticide analysis in food and food-related matrices. Presentations currently available in this series include:

Evaluation of a High-Sensitivity GC-MS/MS in the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Complex Samples: Cost Savings and Other Benefits
Kate-Mastovska.pngpresented by Katerina Mastovska
This webinar will discuss the use of a high-sensitivity GC triple quadrupole MS/MS system in pesticide multiresidue analysis, employing a method with a decreased GC injection volume.

Routine Quantitative Pesticide Analysis in Various Food Matrices using a GC/Q-TOF
Klaus_Wilmers_80.pngpresented by Klaus Wilmers
The presentation will emphasize method development followed by the screening of targeted pesticides according to EU SANTE guidelines using a modern high resolution GC/Q-TOF system.

Improved LC-MS/MS Pesticide Multiresidue Analysis using Triggered MRM and On-Line Dilution
Kate-Mastovska.pngpresented by Katerina Mastovska
This webinar will discuss development, optimization and performance of a large LC-MS/MS pesticide multiresidue method for separation of about 450 analytes within 10 minutes.

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