New Column Modalities for Improved Biomolecule Separations

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Approximately 60 minutes

The Presenters
EMachtejevas.pngEgidijus Machtejevas (Merck KGaA)


CoreyM.pngCory Muraco (MilliporeSigma)

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The purpose of this webinar is to discuss two column modalities that have now expanded their utility into the large molecule separations arena: monolithic silica columns and superficially porous particle (SPP) packed columns. Selected aspects of the physical parameters of the stationary phase will be discussed in relation to improved efficiencies and throughput over traditional fully porous particle (FPP) packed columns.

In addition, applications illustrating the relevance of these column modalities in regard to characterizing biomacromolecules and advantages of these column modalities over FPP packed columns will be presented and discussed.

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  • the advantages of using these two column modalities over traditional fully porous particle packed columns
  • techniques in separating biomacromolecules (top-down, bottom-up, middle-up/down analyses) by reversed-phase chromatography
  • aspects of method development in reversed-phase chromatography of biomacromolecules

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