[On-demand Webinar] Optimization of UHPLC Methods for Food and Beverage Analysis


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Optimization of UHPLC methods for Food and Beverage analysisAaron Lamb (Application Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Optimization of UHPLC methods for Food and Beverage analysisDr Susanne Fabel (Senior Solution Specialist HPLC, Thermo Fisher Scientific)


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The analysis of food and beverages is necessary to ensure that:

  • manufacturers comply with strict new nutritional labelling requirements
  • regulators can identify adulterated products
  • manufacturers can substantiate product health benefit claims by identifying and quantifying certain components

In this on-demand webinar we demonstrate applications for rapid UHPLC targeted screening for compounds such as food additives, food dyes and endogenous food compounds such as catechins, anthocyanins and steviol glycosides. This webinar focuses on utilizing the capabilities of both instrument and alternative column chemistries to maximise method reproducibility, sensitivity and efficiency of separations.

This webinar covers three main topics:

  1. The transfer of food and beverage based applications from a standard UHPLC system to a Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC system for greatly improved method reproducibility
  2. Method development and optimization of food and beverage applications by exploiting alternative column chemistries, smaller particle size and the capabilities of the Vanquish Flex UHPLC system to maximise method speed and sensitivity
  3. Downloading one-click workflows including all application parameters from AppsLab Library directly into Chromeleon CDS – Ready to Run

By viewing this on-demand webinar you will learn about...

  • Analytical method transfer between different UHPLC instruments
  • Method development best practices and how to speed up methods
  • Availability of alternative column chemistries and particle sizes and how their use drives separations in food and beverage analysis

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