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Understand the benefits of SIFT-MS...

Separation Science, in collaboration with Syft Technologies, has developed a learning portal aimed at providing laboratory scientists with information, advice, tools and resources for overcoming key analytical challenges.

In particular, the portal will describe the applications of Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) and how it can provide many benefits over more traditional methodologies for certain analytical challenges.

Currently available assets include:

SIFT-MS: Rapid, Selective Trace Gas and Headspace Analysis
by Mark Perkins and Vaughan Langford
The presentation examines how application of SIFT-MS can deliver competitive advantage in the contract laboratory because of high sample throughput and its ability to analyse chromatographically challenging species. It also demonstrates how direct gas analysis opens new research and on-line monitoring opportunities.

Real-time, non-invasive SIFT-MS analysis of VOCs in breath enables breath-by-breath profiling for early diagnosis of diseases

Rapid material testing using SIFT-MS delivers higher quality shipped product at much lower cost per sample

Comprehensively analyze gas and headspace samples with throughputs exceeding 100 samples per hour using automated SIFT-MS

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