Trends and Applications in the Analysis of Biotherapeutics & Biosimilars


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Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent Technologies, has developed an on-demand eSeminar covering analytical trends and novel applications of chromatography and mass spectrometry to the characterization of biotherapeutics and biosimilars.

The eSeminar comprises 8 presentations:

AaronBoice.pngMake your Protein Talk -  How does the AdvanceBio Q-TOF Deliver More Information?

presented by Aaron Boice

NingTang.pngRapid, Powerful Technologies to Address Peptide Mapping Challenges
presented by Ning Tang


AndyCoffey.pngCharacterizing Critical Quality Attributes - Developing Workflow Solutions for Charge Variants and Aggregation Quantification
presented by Andy Coffey

CarolineChu.pngHigh Order Structural Characterization by CE-MS
presented by Caroline Chu


JordyHsaio.pngDiscover Single-Digit ppm Host Cell Proteins in Purified Antibody Samples
presented by Jordy Hsiao


OscarPotter.pngAnalysis of mAb N-glycans by HILIC with Fluorescence Detection and Online Mass Selective Detection
presented by Oscar Potter

SonjaSchneider.pngMore than Just Increasing Peak Capacity - Agilent 1290 Infinity II 2D-LC Solution for the Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals
presented by Sonja Schneider

MarkJordi.pngQualitative Assessment of Extractables from Single-Use Components Employed in the Storage or Manufacture of Biopharmaceuticals
presented by Mark Jordi

By viewing the presentations in this on-demand eSeminar you will learn about:

  • separation science and mass spectrometry applications for biotherapeutics analysis
  • multidimensional methods
  • intact protein workflows
  • peptide mapping
  • charge-variant analysis
  • host cell proteins
  • glycan analysis
  • purity analysis (extractables and leachables)

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