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Separation Science collaborates with industry thought leaders in a series of expert presentation and discussion forums - 'Advancing Pharmaceutical Technologies'. Presenting events that enable molecular spectroscopy approaches to key challenges in the pharmaceutical development space.

Each forum will feature presentations and discussions between industry thought leaders, addressing current state-of-the-art molecular spectroscopy innovations and workflow productivity improvements across pharmaceutical development.

From October 2021 through to January 2022, join us to hear insightful material on raw material identification, transmission Raman spectroscopy, data integrity and compliance and dissolution. Click the buttons above for more information on each event.

Handheld Raman Solutions for Raw Material ID

Format: On-demand
Duration: Approximately 75 mins

The forum begins with an expert presentations:

Handheld Optical Spectroscopy and its Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Listen to Richard Crocombe provide an updated overview of the latest technological advancements in handheld spectrophotometers. How to overcome and reduce workflow challenges in the area of material ID and do so faster and with a greater amount of confidence in the results and at lower costs. You will learn from real world examples from raw materials to counterfeit applications.

Why change from in-lab method to handheld Raman – what are the compelling reasons, the key method development and validation steps, regulatory challenges, and overall benefits?

Expert Presenters & Panellists

RichardCrocombeRichard Crocombe
Principal, Crocombe Spectroscopy Consulting
BulentUstunBülent Üstün
Director, Quality Control Analytical Chemistry, Organon
AliSaleemiAli Saleemi
Senior Scientist,
PYSacrePierre-Yves Sacre
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Medicines, University of Liege
MikeClaybournMike Claybourn
Independent Pharmaceutical Consultant, Altair Innovations

By watching the presentation and forum discussion you will learn about:

  • the transformative power of handheld instruments in terms of instant actionable data and associated return on investment
  • key benefits of spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) for raw material ID
  • advantages of moving from laboratory-based testing to testing using handheld devices in the warehouse
  • the relative merits of handheld Raman and NIR
  • challenges in method development and building models

'Handheld Raman Solutions for Raw Material ID' is Part 2 of the 'Advanced Pharmaceutical Technologies' series of learning events including presentations and discussions covering transmission Raman spectroscopy, handheld Raman for raw material ID, data integrity and compliance, and automation in dissolution. Click on the buttons at the top of this page to find out more on the other events in this series.