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Separation Science collaborates with industry thought leaders in a series of expert presentation and discussion forums - 'Advancing Pharmaceutical Technologies'. Presenting events that enable molecular spectroscopy approaches to key challenges in the pharmaceutical development space.

Each forum will feature presentations and discussions between industry thought leaders, addressing current state-of-the-art molecular spectroscopy innovations and workflow productivity improvements across pharmaceutical development.

From October 2021 through to January 2022, join us to hear insightful material on raw material identification, transmission Raman spectroscopy, data integrity and compliance and dissolution. Click the buttons above for more information on each event.

Dissolution Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Date: 26 January, 2022
Start Times:
Broadcast #1: 12pm Singapore / 3pm Sydney
Broadcast #2: 10am London / 11am Paris / 3.30pm Mumbai
Broadcast #3: 12pm PDT / 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT

This expert presentation and discussion forum will focus on aspects of dissolution from development through to a marketed product. Our expert panellist’s will discuss the role of dissolution as a quality assurance tool for product development, approval and batch release, the use of dissolution testing of novel drug formulations and how it is being used to probe dosage form behaviour. Consideration will be given to technologies available today, technology gaps and why automation is key in driving efficiency and productivity in today’s pharmaceutical laboratories. The laboratory of the future and the role of dissolution as the industry moves to advanced manufacture, smarter connected factories and continuous processing will also be discussed.

The event will begin with a scene-setting presentation covering:

  • The Importance of Dissolution as a Quality Assurance tool
    The role of dissolution for product development from early through to late-stage development, approval and batch release
  • The role of Automation
    Automation is key for dissolution in modern pharmaceutical laboratories - hear why this is the case and the benefits in terms of reproducibility, system robustness and efficiency gains etc.
  • Technology Benefits
    A comparison of the technologies available for today’s chemist will be reviewed considering the associated advantages and disadvantages.

Following the presentation will be an insightful panel discussion addressing:

  • Regulatory compliance challenges and issues related to dissolution testing
  • Dissolution testing to probe drug dosage form behaviour and to help pinpoint scale-up issues
  • Hot topics for dissolution today – novel dosage forms (e.g., lipids, nano, XS, solid depo. etc.), the future for dissolution in terms of advanced manufacture and continuous processing
  • How to make your pharmaceutical laboratory more efficient and what solutions are available today
  • Automation, reproducibility, system robustness – key parameters affecting result quality
  • The different types of technologies from in-line UV spectroscopy for continuous monitoring and on-line UV vs LC
  • Benefits of continuous on and in-line measurements
  • Can new automation and predictive software facilitate dissolution as part of the continuous manufacturing suite of tools?